Future-oriented design

Design is more than just a stylistic approach and no longer takes place exclusively at the interface between user and object. It is also essential to work on processes before and after production. Ever shorter production cycles and the resulting waste present us with new ecological challenges to which we must find innovative answers. By incorporating cycle management aspects in design, development and consulting, we want to take advantage of our opportunities for a more sustainable use of resources.


As designers we mediate between many disciplines in the design process and find our way into many different needs.


As researchers and developers, we bring a profound knowledge to the process of finding and realising feasible solutions.


As consultants, we always keep an eye on economic efficiency and point out various options adapted to the user.


We shape functions and communicate through design

Technical Development

We transfer technologies for unique solutions


We consult to drive innovative processes

Medical Products & Resources

A special focus on solutions for the medical sector

Design Research

Experiment and expertise, our combination for new ideas

Materials & Substances

Our starting point for innovation and sustainability