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With our visual catalogue we would like to give our users the opportunity to get an image-driven project overview of our work. In the following section you will find a collection of images sorted by projects, where each project is introduced with a short summary.


Lufthansa Cargo | Display Container

For Lufthansa Cargo IRED developed modular display containers which can be used at trade fairs and exhibitions. Besides a modular rail system, these display containers have an integrated lighting system. Decommissioned AKE airfreight containers of Lufthansa Cargo served as basis for these display cases.

Scholz Instruments| SReS System

For Scholz Labor- und Klinikversorgungs GmbH, IRED developed together with Fraunhofer IWKS a recycling system for metallic medical disposable instruments. With the SReS system, these instruments are collected directly at the place of their application, thus enabling a value-preserving recycling of the material.

ABB Automation | Redesign Friedberg site

For the ABB site in Friedberg IRED realized a redesign of the roboteria. In this context interior design concepts with room in room functions were implemented and individual furniture such as a coffee bar made of board trolleys were realized.

F.A.Z. Institute | STEP Award

The STEP Award honours particularly innovative and ambitious companies in future-oriented industries. For this award, the Institute for Recycling, Ecology and Design designed the awards and has been supervising their production ever since.

Lufthansa Group | Innovator Award

IRED redesigned the Innovator Award trophy for the Lufthansa Group. This redesign was first introduced with the Group Innovator Award 2019. The new trophy of the award follows the ecological demands of the group. The redesign consists of upcycled aircraft aluminum from Lufthansa Group and regrowing oak wood.

Lufthansa Cargo | Wall Clock

To make a sustainable statement IRED designed and developed an upcycling wall clock for Lufthansa Cargo. This CNC milled wall clock has an aluminium dial made of the aluminium of the AKE LD-3 airfreight containers. Thus an object was created that is as appealing as it is sustainable and makes the Upcycling concept tangible.

Ferrero Germany | Refrigerated Display

In order to offer cooled products of Ferrero Deutschland GmbH next to uncooled products on shelves, IRED developed an innovative thermoelectric based cooling solution. This patented solution allows products to be repositioned in the PoS, thus creating a better interface between customer and product.

Design Research | Ceramic Wood

With Ceramic Wood, IRED, together with the IMD (Institute for Material Design) and Saint Gobain, developed a procedure for the production of wood-based ceramics. In a second step, IRED developed a set of Japanese tableware in order to implement an exemplary application for the process, in which the wood aesthetics of the source material is preserved.

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