Innovator Award

Lufthansa Group

Sustainable objects for innovative ideas

The Lufthansa Innovator Award is presented annually by the Lufthansa Group and recognizes special achievements within the Lufthansa Group.
In six categories, special attention is paid to the innovative quality of the submitted projects from all Group levels.

Due to the explicit orientation of the entire Lufthansa Group towards sustainability, its Innovator Award should also reflect this approach. With this in mind, IRED has redesigned the award from the ground up.

Strong materials, delicate workmanship

A blend of oil-finished oak and aluminium. After countless flight hours and routes around the world, the aluminium from the aviation industry gets a second life. It is the centerpiece of the award, each star has its own story and tells it through its uniquely drawn surface.

Straightforward and precise

Through the interaction of precise CNC processing with subsequent manual surface finishing, the used aviation material takes on a new meaning. Thus objects are created which are both individual in their materiality and belonging together in their form.