We Love Materials

Interface between concepts and reality

Materials are particularly important for us

Materials have a high innovation potential. Unlike ready-made materials, they offer great conceptual and design freedom. Materials have a strong influence on the aesthetic, haptic and functional qualities of objects.

It is only through application that materials become functional substances.

In-depth Understanding of Material

Material is more than just form, surface and function. Its chemical and physical properties are defined on micro-, meso- and macroscale dimensions.

This scientific understanding forms the basis of our creative wor

Rethinking Materials

The traditional limits of materials inspire us to find new solutions.
The combination of historical and new materials results in innovative approaches.

Material concepts are transferred and experimentally tested. Existing processing methods are adapted or newly developed for this purpose.

From Organic to Technical

Understanding bionic and physical principles to transfer natural models to technically convincing applications.
The monolithic integration of discrete functions leads to lighter and more compact products. Generative manufacturing processes can be used to endow materials with new, bio-inspired properties.

Use Material Sustainably

Every product is used up at some point. At best, a secondary material is obtained from it. Nowadays, it is mostly turned into technically worthless material.

We want to change this by consistently planning and designing in a cycle-oriented manner. That is why we take the entire life cycle of a product into account. The question of the origin and the fate of resources is a central element of our design work.