Technical Development

IRED is: construction innovation planning science digital prototyping simulation

With our interdisciplinary approach we develop solutions on a scientific basis.

Planning & Construction

We develop and realize innovative and sophisticated specialized solutions. We plan and design products in the fields of light and lighting, thermoelements & temperature, acoustics and sound as well as mechanical applications.

Consulting & Conception

In addition to classic implementation services, we offer you concept development for technical issues with an emphasis on innovation.
We pursue a solution-oriented interdisciplinary approach that combines both science and engineering.

Model & Simulation

In addition to the pure technical development IRED offers services in the field of functional models and simulations. If required, we develop physical models that can be used for the verification of technical processes. For this purpose we use the additive and subtractive prototyping methods available in-house. In the development process we use digital simulations as early as possible to ensure the optimal performance of the developed solutions and components.

Scientific Approach

Based on research and benchmarking, we develop innovative and patentable solutions. Part of our approach is the transfer of scientific know-how into technological applications. A special feature of IRED is our unique practice-oriented material expertise, which our customers can rely on.