Medical Products & circular Solutions

A comprehensive understanding of the medical sector

Since our foundation, the field of medical devices has been a special focus of our work. Our aim is to develop better and more sustainable solutions for this area.

Valuable materials

Medical products contain a high proportion of valuable materials. These are not recycled as they are disposed of in the general waste streams. As a result, large amounts of valuable resources are lost in clinics and healthcare facilities. This use of materials does not correspond to the awareness of users, who are increasingly demanding more sustainable solutions.

Mixed material flows

The increasing amount of waste materials in hospitals also includes complex devices made of different materials. In addition, there is a high degree of mixing during the disposal itself, as there are no disposal systems in place to date that aim to preserve the value of the materials.

Unresolved situations

In the medical sector, the requirements of the Commercial Waste Ordinance for avoidance and material recycling are in direct conflict with the hygienic requirements of LAGA M18.
In order to develop appropriate solutions, there is a need for cooperation between manufacturers, clinics & disposal companies.

More than just partial solutions

Previous recycling approaches have largely consisted of partial steps, which usually only reflect the perspective of the individual actors. In order to create practical solutions, we consider the processes of manufacturers, users and disposal companies in equal measure.

Specialized in medical devices

The complex requirements of MDR, the Recycling Management Act and occupational health and safety regulations must be jointly taken into account when designing material flows for medical devices. To this end, we have built up expertise that includes research, piloting and waste law evaluations. Doctors and scientific research partners are part of our network.

Case study

With the SReS System IRED has developed a concrete recycling system for disposable medical instruments.

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