Scholz Recycling System

Safe, economical, sustainable

These three factors are combined in the SReS system to enable an innovative, recyclable handling of used disposable medical instruments.

The SRES system developed by IRED for recycling used disposable stainless steel medical instruments was awarded the IF Award 2018.

Award-winning design

The SReS system was awarded the renowned iF Design Award 2018.

Simple to use, flexible in application

During the development of the SReS system, special emphasis was placed on good usability and efficiency in use. An important part of the development was the incorporation of user feedback from pilot tests in hospitals.

The system approach is key

In order to integrate the SReS system into the daily clinic routine in the best possible way, it was developed as a system right from start. Four different brackets allow for flexible installation in different situations. An important criterion for the implementation was to make the disposal bags available to the clinic staff as close as possible to the place of use.

Uncompromising quality

In order to meet the strict requirements of the medical sector, safety has always been a central criteria. Many details that were worked out during the development process ensure that all system components meet the strict requirements for handling medical products.

Always on call

In order to save time for the personnel and to enable a better and safer handling, the holders have a storage function. Details such as these ensure better user acceptance and demonstrate the user-centred approach of the product.