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We add value to your applications with the help of design.


Interfaces serve the communication between object and user.

We design the interfaces of physical and virtual objects to enable intuitive use.

Interfaces of products are not treated as separate entities,
but positioned in their respective fields of application.


When designing, we always consider the perspective of the user.
Our goal is to create an appealing user experience through design approaches. We see design as a tool that has a positive effect on the customer.
A well-designed user experience is essential to achieve a positive emotional perception of products, brands and services.


The product is the primary connection between brand and user. It is therefore necessary to design products in such a way that they match the customer’s brand identity.
The design approach not only represents the brand itself but also serves to visually represent contexts. This is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach which aims at a complete design concept.

Circular Approach

The question of the recycling of products is often asked only after their development. At the end of the value-added chain, this approach means that further utilization of the product or its components is generally not economically viable.
Sustainable approaches can only succeed in the long term if they also function from an economic perspective.
Solutions must be designed in such a way that they are both sustainable and economically viable. These requirements are achieved through targeted design and the use of materials.

Case Study

Lufthansa Cargo Upcycling

For Lufthansa Cargo AG IRED developed a complete design package around the topic of upcycling. The aim was to develop an individual design language that would do equal justice to the Lufthansa Cargo brand and the topic of upcycling.

In terms of design, a clear language of form was developed that emphasizes the value of aviation materials and their company-related history.

IRED thus developed an independent, material-driven design aesthetic, which extends the design world of the Lufthansa Group to include upcycling.