STEP Award


A sign of innovation

The STEP Award of the F.A.Z.-Institute is awarded to innovative, fast-growing, young companies. In particular, it honors corporate concepts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, energy system transformation, health industry, material science & mobility.

Quality materials, accurate geometries

These are the characteristics that distinguish the F.A.Z. Institute’s STEP Award. Its shape is a three-dimensional interpretation of the distinctive figurative mark.
Precisely milled aluminium with a silky matt finish forms a formation that is symbolic of the rise of the award-winning companies. The anodised steps of the object are visually continued in its reflective base.

A Full Service Package

From the concept to the handover to the customer IRED delivers a complete solution on which the customer can rely. This service includes not only the design, but also the annual colour adjustment, the engraving of the award winners’ names and the corresponding handling.