Wall clock

Lufthansa Cargo

Perfect timing

As in the air, good timing is also essential on the ground. For this reason, IRED has designed a wall clock for Lufthansa Cargo that reflects the essential value of “time” in airfreight and represents this value in an appropriately way.

Clear & Functional

The design of the Lufthansa Cargo Clock follows these principles. The focus of its design is foremost on function. The iconic Lufthansa crane forms the centre of attention & together with the material, tells both the history of the object and that of the company.

Flight hour by flight hour

More than ten years in the air. Hundreds of thousands of miles & over 300 destinations flown to. In its previous existence as an air freight container, the Lufthansa Cargo wall clock has travelled a lot. During this time, good timing was always essential.
As a wall clock, the material now continues this tradition & at the same time reflects the corporate history & values of Lufthansa Cargo.

With great attention to detail

The focus of the design was on a clear & high quality design that suits the customer Lufthansa Cargo. Unnecessary ornamentation was deliberately avoided in order to focus on the essentials. When designing the clock, great emphasis was placed on details such as the surface finish. The CNC-milled dial made of solid aluminum is the central design element that reflects precisely this approach.

Good products require careful packaging

In addition to the watch, IRED has also designed an accompanying packaging. This follows consequently the new CI of the Lufthansa Group. For the packaging, recycled material was deliberately used that matches the sustainability aspect of the object. The linear layout of the label follows the design approach of the product to be packaged.