Design Research

From wood to ceramics

In a collaboration with the IMD Institute of Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach and
Saint-Gobain Industriekeramik Rödental GmbH, ceramic objects made of SiSiC (silicon carbide) were created. Preliminary products were wood, bamboo and carbon fibre composites.

Experimental approach

Together with the IMD, an established industrial process was systematically investigated under design, aesthetic and physical aspects. In this experimental approach, different woods and geometries were considered. The knowledge gained in this way enables the conscious application of this process.

From research to application

In the context of tableware, the IRED has further developed the material and the process. This resulted in a series of prototypes dedicated to Japanese tableware. This series includes objects like serving plates, Hashi (chopsticks) & Hashioki (chopstick tray).

Preserving Textures

Sleek forms highlight the organic character of the surfaces.

Particularly for the tableware sector, specially adapted surface qualities have been developed which were achieved by polishing processes and galvanic surface treatments such as silver plating.

The results are fascinating and unique pieces that match the special quality of this table culture.