Face shield for medicine & industry

Designed to be ergonomic & safe

CLEARTECT is a light medical face protection. In combination with respiratory masks it offers a comfortable and cost-effective solution for potentially contaminated working environments. CLEARTECT is a registered product & design that differs from all other visors on the market in functionality and elegance.

Cleartect was acknowledged with the Hessian State Prize for Universal Design 2020

Awarded design

Acknowledged by the Hessischen Staatspreis Universal Design 2020

Optimized design

In the development of CLEARTECT, the focus was on the various requirements of its users. As a result, CLEARTECT has an innovative, ergonomic design that offers a high level of wearing comfort. Due to its three-dimensional shape, CLEARTECT is significantly more stable than products based on single-axis curved sheet material.

Relevante Details

CLEARTECT provides significant advantages for the user. For instance, an all-round clear field of vision through the use of highly transparent, impact-resistant polyester material. Equally, a flexible forehead area that allows for good adaptation to any head shape. The generous distance between shield and face is achieved by a closed bridge, which also prevents droplets from penetrating from above. Another special feature of the shape is the indentation of the protective surface under the chin. With this detail, CLEARTECT allows a high degree of freedom of movement and additionally increases the protective effect against breathing air flowing in front of a counterpart.


In the course of the CoVid-19 pandemic 2020, IRED decided to develop its own solution in the field of personal protective equipment in early 2020. The previous products, which were offered for this purpose as face protection against corona viruses, were based on bent flat films. The IRED design team, on the other hand, decided on a three-dimensional mask as a concept. This resulted in a largely closed form that is comfortable to wear, mechanically stable and aesthetically pleasing. With CLEARTECT, IRED developed an effective protection against droplets contaminated with viruses and bacteria such as those emitted by people who cough.

CLEARTECT prototypes in use (external link)

Tagesschau – ARD Tagesthemen: Friseure in der Corona-Krise

Project pictures